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Under the Canapy

Nursery & Forest School

Welcome to our nursery and forest school, a place where the wonders of nature are woven into every aspect of your child's journey. Our dedicated indoor classroom is thoughtfully designed to extend the enchantment of the outdoors, providing a seamless continuation of our nature theme. Here, we cover all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, ensuring a holistic educational experience that sparks curiosity and ignites a passion for learning.

Our commitment to outstanding care is unwavering, and we pride ourselves on creating an environment where children are encouraged to explore and discover to their heart's content. Step outside into our dedicated outdoor classroom, where the magic of nature unfolds under the guidance of our qualified forest school practitioners. Here, children are invited to connect with the natural world, sparking their curiosity and nurturing a deep appreciation for their surroundings. We believe that the outdoors is an invaluable teacher, and our forest school sessions empower children to develop resilience, teamwork, and a love for outdoor adventures.  Our Forest School embraces the outdoors in all weathers when it's safe, offering enriching experiences, while our cosy indoor space serves as a retreat if the Great British weather hampers outdoor play!  

Moreover, our extensive playground area seamlessly connects the indoor and outdoor spaces, granting children the freedom to move between the two as they embark on their explorations. At our nursery and forest school, your child will thrive in an environment where the joy of discovery meets the beauty of nature, and every day is an opportunity for growth, wonder, and endless adventures.

Fee Structure

At our nursery and forest school, we take pride in offering a fee structure that sets us apart from other day nurseries. We understand that families require flexibility, so we have chosen not to charge a daily fee.


Instead, we provide a more adaptable approach to meet the diverse needs of parents. You have the freedom to choose the hours that suit your family's schedule best. While we prioritise flexibility, we do have a minimum number of hours per day (6) to ensure we can maintain our commitment to delivering quality childcare and creating a nurturing environment for your little ones. Our goal is to provide value for money while remaining sustainable, ensuring that each child receives the best care and early years education possible.  We can be flexible in our approach to hours depending on our occupancy rates, speak to us directly to see if we can support your requirements.

Supporting families is at the heart of what we do, and as such, subject to availability, we are happy to accommodate up to three swap days per year and additional ad-hoc days. 

Our standard fee rate is £9 per hour for three year olds and £10 an hour for two year olds, with sessional rates available for funded places.


We believe that happy tummies mean happy minds, so our food is not just about filling up – it's about tasty nourishment that supports your child's growth and development. Our food offerings are designed with their well-being in mind.

A nutritious breakfast awaits each morning, setting the tone for a day of exploration and learning. Our cooked lunches and dinners are thoughtfully prepared to ensure a balanced and delicious experience. In between meals, children can enjoy a fruit snack in the morning and a savoury snack in the afternoon, keeping them energised and satisfied throughout the day. Rest assured that all our meals and snacks are prepared in strict accordance with early years food guidelines, guaranteeing that your child receives the necessary nutrients for their overall health. Don't worry, we've got special options for different diets too!

We believe that a healthy diet fosters a strong foundation for their learning journey, and we are committed to providing them with the best start possible. So while your little explorer is busy discovering the wonders around, they're also savouring the flavours on their plate. Let's fill those tummies and fuel those adventures!

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